Sunday, December 4, 2011

Playing A-K

AK is a very good hand pre-flop. Nevertheless people tend to overvalue its strength after the flop.
It is one of the top 5 starting hands => play it aggressively pre-flop.

Facts that are important for playing AK pre-flop are:
-you stack
-your opponents stacks
-blinds and antes

Try to get the last bet pre-flop because either your opponents fold and you win or the pot is very large and you still have good chances of winning.
If your opponent has a smaller pair your chances are about the same. If he does not hold a pair your chances of winning are far higher.
But against multiple opponents your hand becomes far less valuable in post-flop!


  1. Thanks for the tips, not just this post but the others also, I like my poker and always like reading up on ways of improving my game, many thanks!

  2. I love poker and this blog seems like one I'll certainly keep checking up on, keep it up :)

  3. yea i love poker too. thanks for the tips man!