Saturday, December 3, 2011

Middle Position Hand Selection

The middle position allows you to open the pot with a wider range of hands.
Because fewer players sit behind you it is less likely that someone has a very good hand.
When action is folded to you in middle position your opening hand range becomes wider.
- 55, 66
- KQ, KJ suited
- A-10 suited

You can even consider to call an opponents pre-flop raise with these starting hands.
Always be aware of your opponents images and stack sizes.

In middle position you have to ask yourself these questions:
- What if a bigger stacked opponent re-raises you?
- Will you call if a short stack opponent shoves?
- Which players at your table are loose, which are tight?

Remember: Its always better to be the raiser than the caller!
An early position raise usually signifies strength. => yourcalling hand range becomes smaller.
Dont be to attached to your cards after the flop!

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