Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Playing big pairs

Remember: Holding AA, KK, or QQ is no guarantee to win!
But you can improve your odds by following some simple guidelines:

Always raise or re-raise AA-QQ pre-flop.
With that you can narrow down the number of opponents. More opponents = lower odds to win the pot
Especially when you have KK or QQ dont be afraid of running into AA. That can happen but its quite unlikely.

 Post-flop it is important to accept that there might be better hands. In that case you may have to throw away big pairs.
In a tournament this might be especially frustrating but depending on the size of your stack, there is most likely a better spot to play.


  1. Im learning to play at the moment, so thanks for the tips, Now following

  2. whenever i learn to play i end up losing money! i need to find someone to practice with, now following