Monday, January 2, 2012

Making Money with Online Poker as a Beginner

The temptation is big: lots of thousands of dollars are moving through the online poker rooms. Everyone wants his share and wants to make money with online poker.
Sometimes you play and you won a big amount of money, but sometimes you loose a big amount of money. Usually for begginers the negative side is more.
Then you think about the time you won and you ask yourself the question what am i doing wrong at the moment. Probably nothing major! Your stack will always flucktuate and if you dont make any big mistakes it is more luck than skill in what direction it fluctuates.

The problem is that online pokerrooms always collect a rake (some percentage of the pot). So especially at beginner tables it is not unlikely that everyone looses. If you really want to make money with online poker you have to make a constant plus per hand and play at a lot of tables with high blinds.
That means:
-ALOT of practice
-seed capital
-immunity towards frustration

In conclusion: DO NOT try to make money with online poker as a beginner!


  1. I've been playing poker for 5+ years now, mostly offline, IRL. But I did start my poker online; and you are not wrong. It took me at least a year to get past the frustration of losing REAL money. With this year, came a lot of practice too. I usually play $1/$2 to keep away from losing my hard earned cash.